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Marketing and Imagination

"Golden Meadow"  8x10" oil on panel
"Golden Meadow" 8x10" oil on panel

There is a little magazine called Entrepreneur that I enjoy digging into every few issues.  Entrepreneur is not about art, but it is very much about creativity needed to make a business thrive.  Artists are by nature entrepreneurs, so why not just read an art magazine or book in which art marketing stuff has already been digested and regurgitated for you?  Because you just might miss a creative opportunity.

When I read Entrepreneur’s articles I don’t think like an oil painter trying to sell some paintings online.  I am open to random ideas, and while those ideas usually relate to art, it is less likely they would occur to me had I been reading an art marketing resource.  For example, because donuts were so successful, someone developed a franchise around cupcakes.  Surely one could do the same around a new type of art business.  That kept my imagination busy until my husband quashed it with, “Sounds like a non-profit organization.”  Ah well, only an hour had been spent on development, and none on research.  I’ll leave it to a young entrepreneur to develop Art IzUs.

Ann Handley's article, “The Customer Capture Contraption” (Entrepreneur, September 2011) didn’t really offer new ideas about blogging, but it put a different spin on old ones.  Handley is CCO of where you can find an abundance of free articles about marketing in general.

Few successful business people are insular.  They seek ideas from a wide base and can afford ongoing professional advice .  In contrast, artists tend to be insular and few of us can afford a staff of professionals.  There are many good art marketing books and articles available, and you should read them.  You should also reach beyond them to the broader world of marketing ideas for inspiration outside the art box.

Read some of Entrepreneur’s articles online at

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2 Responses to Marketing and Imagination

Marian Fortunati
via branchflower.net42 months ago

Good post! You're so right... when all we read is ideas from other artists we're really limiting our own horizons aren't we?

PS... Loved the painting you also posted. Nice!!

Yvonne Branchflower
via branchflower.net42 months ago

Hi Marian,
I'm glad you found this post interesting. The traditions of art marketing are changing, and young artists can create some real opportunities if they have the imagination.

Thanks for reading!

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