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VMRC 2015 Prospectus is available

Virginia Mennonite Retirement Community (VMRC) posted the prospectus for its 2015 exhibit .


I've praised this exhibit before, and will continue doing so.  They've sold every painting I've sent to them since I discovered them about 5 years ago.  And they are wonderful to work with.


There is no commission.


Your only expenses are shipping and the $35 entry fee for 3 submissions .


Most of their sales are in the $200-400 range with a few over $1,000.  Click here to view last year's exhibit (prices in red indicate sold.)


If you think your work will fit in this exhibit, I encourage you to include it in your 2015 schedule.  They have a nice office space they convert to gallery space once a year.  It is virtually no work on your part--you just ship your art.

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VMRC 11th Annual Juried: An exhibit worth entering

Update 6-13-2014:

Once again, this terrific exhibit sold my painting.  Their 2015 prospectus will be online in September 2014.

This is a well-run art exhibition that consistently sells my paintings.  While the venue might be surprising (a senior-citizen’s development), bear in mind that seniors have children, grand-children and friends.  In the senior community in which I live, residents buy paintings as holiday gifts, and sometimes they buy for themselves.  So don’t dismiss the venue.


 Here is why I recommend you enter this exhibit:

  • NO COMMISSION on sales
  • $35 for up to 3 entries (pretty standard fee)
  • 37% of the artwork sold last year (2013)
  • Over $5,000 in Merit and Purchase Awards (I’ve won a couple of them)
  • Well organized, pleasant people running the exhibit
  • Jurors with highly respectable qualifications
  • Over 2,000 people visit this annual exhibit
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